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Better Autism Care, Right at Home

Telehealth offers similar benefits of meeting within the walls of the autism therapy center, but allows your child to receive care at home.

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AIBY Health Tech

Autism, according to the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation (ASDF), is more prevalent than many might think. The number of diagnosed cases increases annually, with one in 68 children facing autism spectrum disorder. In the past, these children and their families lacked adequate professional support. Fortunately, nowadays, autism therapy is more extensive than ever, and our AIBY health tech project enables receiving this assistance within the comfort of home through various products


Telemedicine can expedite the assessment process, providing families with quicker access to appropriate services and therapy. It can also grant families in remote areas access to highly qualified specialists. Furthermore, in a more playful format for the child, thanks to our device.

Robot Mirri

Play-based learning is an effective way to educate children, and when combined with a mirror, we expect to see an even higher level of engagement and motivation in children. Mirri utilizes:

Interactive games to make children's socialization lessons captivating and interesting.

Clear and exaggerated emotions and gestures to teach social, communicative, and emotional skills directly through the mirror, where the child sees themselves.

Mental health Program with Aroma Therapy

Mental health programs for both children and parents involve the use of storytelling therapy and music to enhance energy and focus.

Aromatherapy is utilized to help prepare children for sleep or calm the nervous system during periods of emotional instability.


Thanks to the device in the form of a mirror, the child experiences no socialization stress, and attention is not dispersed. The best outcomes emerge when every facet of a child's life is considered. We don't focus solely on one aspect; instead, we employ multiple perspectives, aiming for services to encompass all aspects of life and development.


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"Mirri is not just a smart mirror, she is a real friend. It understands, studies, generates."



"We are a large team that uses proven traditional methods combined with artificial intelligence."



"The maximum result is ensured by the combination of technology, science and parental care."

AIBY Smart mirror

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Our MIRRi mirror robot will not only become a beloved gadget for the child with its personalized program but also an assistant for the overall health of the entire family. The health of children with autism is closely connected to the mental well-being of parents. With MIRRi, it's a home where love reigns.

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