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Better Autism Care, Right at Home

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Mental Health Program for Parents

Assistance in selecting online psychologists

Personal dashboard for the child and their parents with a tracker

Welcome to the Parents' Section!

We understand that caring for a child with autism presents unique challenges, and we're here to support you on this journey. Our online platform provides you access to resources and tools to ease your role as a parent:

The First Step Is a Diagnosis

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Online Psychologist Matching:

Our assistance program includes the option to choose and connect with experienced online psychologists specializing in supporting families with children on the autism spectrum and your personal development

Personal Dashboard:

Create a personalized dashboard for your child and yourself. Here, you'll find tools to track progress, access educational materials, and interact with experts.

Tips and Resources:

Receive valuable advice from seasoned professionals and exchange experiences with other parents. We provide resources to help you better understand and support your child.

Our efforts are focused on building a community where you can share experiences, find support, and gain confidence in your parenting journey. Together, we can overcome challenges and build a bright future for your children.

AIBY Mental is not only in the Mirri robot but also in your smartphone app

Our mental health program is a special resource for parents of children with autism. Here, you'll find meditations and burnout prevention designed to:

• Strengthen Resilience: Providing support in managing the stress and challenges of parenting.

• Combat Fatigue: Assisting in preventing exhaustion and restoring energy.

• Practical Support: Resources to enhance the connection with your child and take care of your own well-being.

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