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The mirror-shaped robot designed to assist parents and children with autism through a comprehensive approach to education and mental health.

Improved Care Consistency

Effectively addressing ASD frequently involves a collaborative strategy, bringing together a diverse team comprising pediatricians, psychologists, speech and language therapists, as well as occupational therapists. Additionally, Mirri  enables healthcare providers to closely track progress and make necessary adjustments to treatment plans.

Digital Pet

Mirri remembers the previous outcome and adapts to the character that the child is ready to engage with, as approved by the parent. Mirri becomes like a domestic pet, aiding in the child's socialization.

Verbal and Visual Prompting

Verbal, gestural, or physical prompts assist students as they acquire or engage in targeted behaviors and skills. These prompts are generally given by AIBY Smart mirror , the corresponding app, and an adult before or as the student attempts to use a skill. Like core vocabulary, these prompts remain consistent throughout modules.

ABA program

Given that parents serve as the primary educators for their children, they hold a crucial position in their development. Hence, it's essential for parents to gain precise and effective skills in applying ABA therapy, and with the assistance of Mirri, the process becomes more manageable.

Core Vocabulary

Our entire curriculum is designed around the use of core vocabulary that simplifies the language addressed to and by the student. Specifically, this allows the student to repeat target words/concepts across multiple contexts and situations and is a core factor in improving generalization.

Aromatherapy and AIBY Mental Program

The mental health platform, rooted in the ideologies of storytelling therapy and theta vibration music, operates concurrently with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy involves phytoncide blends that offer both antiviral effects for immunity and a calming effect for both adults and children.

Parental Peace

The smart mirror relies on a machine-learning model, utilizing audio and video data like conversations and eye contact during interactions with autistic children. It predicts their engagement in a specific training activity. If disengagement is detected, Mirri is designed to react and reengage them, ensuring prolonged focus on therapeutic exercises.

Mirri Care and AIBY Mental

We were designed with care not only for children but also for parents. Together, we can build a healthy nation and happy families.

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